Monday, November 29, 2004

Immortality Institute Chat

I was the featured guest speaker tonight for the Immortality Institute's Sunday Chat. You can find the transcript here.

In an unmoderated chat format like this, it's hard to decide which questions and comments to respond to. I hope I didn't offend anyone as a result of my on-the-spot decisions.

In particular, I regret being unable to respond to a question about other types of fallacies and failures I think futurists can fall into. I actually have a list of twelve in my notes. In truth, all futurists who make useful predictions are ultimately wrong, so one or more of these failures gets everyone in the end. But it can be instructive to ask which failures are most likely for today's futurists.

Look for an upcoming essay summarizing the conclusions I've reached while preparing for this chat. It, or a link to it, will appear on this blog.


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