Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Other Blog

My other blog, Evolution by Choice fell into disuse when my life took a turn for the stressful. I was also beginning to feel bogged down by upcoming questions for the Singularity Q&A I was building there -- questions in areas I had hoped to be more technically grounded in before answering for a lay reader.

Two moves, two jobs, and a baby later, I'm getting back into the blogging scene. I loved the layout I made for EBC, but I wanted convenience and comment capability this time around.

As my profile currently states, I'm in the process of trying to migrate into a career quite unlike the one my degree as a history teacher qualifies me for. Software architecture is the general area I have in mind, and I've started using the ADU curriculum to ground me in the fundamentals. I spent the first part of the year learning the basic math I had forgotten or never learned in high school. I also gained a functional understanding of the Python programming language. Now I'm slogging through calculus.

At least, that's the idea.

I'm currently the primary caregiver for my son, in an interesting twist that also has my wife working at the same kinds of jobs I was doing just a few months ago. (The moccasins are truly shared in this family.) Jason doesn't take kindly to me mentally spinning up to technical subjects like calculus, so there's a lot of screeching and squealing and not a lot of traction when I hit the books.

But I'm determined to be productive in any way I can. I've largely given up computer gaming this year, as much as it pains me. Though difficult, I find I can still read and write in the short, unpredictable bursts of time full-time parenting affords. On good days I can read one or two hundred pages and write one or two thousand words. On bad days... well, I'd rather not talk about those. Isn't that right, Jason? wvssssn (<--- The more attentive among you may notice that Jason uses Dvorak, just like his old man.)

What am I reading and writing, you ask?

Well, the writing bug bites and tugs at my flesh from time to time in a manner not unlike Jason, and this is one of those times. I've wanted to write sci-fi since my teenage years, and though I keep dismissing the urge as utterly impractical, it always comes back. So during this bout, I've read a series of books and websites on the subject of writing. I've also sampled the state of sci-fi over the past year by reading a couple of hundred short stories and various novels. At the keyboard, I've been banging out notes for my current novel concept, as well as short scenes and dialogues intended soley as practice fodder. You'll hear more about what I'm reading and writing in later posts, I'm sure.

Whatever I'm working on, I plan to talk a lot about problems that readers can help me answer if they're feeling charitable, so I thank you in advance for putting up with my ignorance.

Too bad you can't help me find Jason's sippy cup.


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