Friday, November 19, 2004

Signs of the Times

How will you know when the Singularity has arrived, or is about to arrive? How would you recognize that technological progress has become too fast for you to comprehend?

When you can no longer tell who, if anyone, is joking in a conversation like the following.

This is a snippet of actual dialogue from the SL4 chat room today; I have changed the names of the parties to protect the innocent (as a rule, logs of this room are not to be posted).

Horace: BCI is making big progress lately
Louis: what is that, enlighten me please :)
Louis: *?
Horace: Brain-computer interface. Who needs keyboards anymore?
Louis: ahh
Pringle: What progress is that?
Horace: Google something about sending emails with your thought
Louis: I've been waiting for those, can I buy such from the local market? (I rarely visit those)
Horace: Not yet, I'm afraid
Louis: aww :(


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