Saturday, December 18, 2004

Kurzweil, Bostrom, Peterson on SIAI Advisory Board

I was delighted to see this news in the latest installment of the newsletter put out every few months by the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. I think Nick Bostrom and Christine Peterson have been cheering SIAI on from the beginning, but Ray Kurzweil had seemed to think SIAI’s cause was as hopeless and unnecessary as it was admirably idealistic.

Kurzweil’s is probably the best known voice in American futurism, and he has done much to educate people about the reality and potential consequences of accelerating technological progress—myself included. By accepting a position on the new Advisory Board of SIAI, Kurzweil has gained an additional measure of my esteem and gratitude.

(Anyone interested in receiving a copy of Kurzweil’s new book before it is released should check the beginning of the bulletin.)

Congratulations to Kurzweil and SIAI. May the Board advise well and increase public awareness of the Singularity Institute as a force for good in this universe.


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