Friday, December 09, 2005

Dear Quantum Future Santa,

What do I want for X-Mas? It's a tough question. One problem is money. Neither I nor the people who might buy me gifts are made of money. The bigger problem is my farsighted technolust. If only a Santa Claus from an Everett Branch between 1 and 10 years in a fortunate future were getting my mail. Surely he could find a way to push Rudolph superluminal and through whatever quantum wormholes necessary to bring me my toys.

But lest I drown myself in a quantum foam of near-infinite possibility, I've decided to pare down my options. Each item on my list will meet the following criteria:

  • It could actually fit under my tree.
  • It wouldn’t be so expensive that nobody would ever buy it for me as a gift.
  • It could actually be found under my tree in the next 1-10 years because the technology is either here already or just around the corner.
  • It wouldn’t require earth shattering breakthroughs like strong nanotechnology or a technological singularity. (But modest changes in the socioeconomic status quo are fair game.)

I will build up my list over the next few posts.

Thanks in advance, Quantum Future Santa!

P.S. Somewhere, in some universe, I'm sure I conformed to locally accepted morals this year. Wink wink.


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