Monday, January 02, 2006

Conversation with an Atheist

So you're religious.

You've probably read hundreds of pages of scripture and commentary regarding a single faith -- not because you shopped around, but because you were born into it. Why shouldn't you cuddle up for a bit with some friendly rebuttal?

I've even done my best to make it fun.

Conversation with an Atheist

Seriously, though... I'm not out to attack anyone. If you're totally content with your religion, move along. There's nothing for you here.

And if you're not religious? I had thought of subtitling this piece "an introduction to rational thought." It may still make you smile.


Blogger Finder of Things said...

Although I see that this is a few years old now I'm hoping that comments are still welcome. Fascinating piece of fiction! I really loved it. Until the very end where a supposedly religious person completely accepted the reality or 'another alternative' as it was called. My observations and trials don't support this kind of outcome :) So I think it's unrealistic but great reading anyway! ;)

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